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Motorcycle Detours: About

©Motorcycle Detours is a small 'hobby shop' founded on the idea that we love to ride motorcycles here in the ever beautiful Spanish landscapes, and that we would like to show people a good time on two wheels. Especially if they are interested in seeing something different than what's usually available.

We are offering the odd lone traveller, couple or smaller group organised guided tours in primarily the northeast corner of Spain named Catalunya.


Have you never tried it before, this is the place. We take first-timers (there's always a first time, right?) out for a ride. It is addictive, so be warned: you will likely want to do this again!

This setup is run by me - Christian Wanscher, a 'guiri' (Danish national), and operated as a 'when available' service. This means I fit it in when there is time and possibility. You should always check in and ask first.

I have been riding motorcycles on and off since I got a driver's license, and that's a looong time ago. For the best part of 10 years, I have lived here in Barcelona, and surroundings, and have to come to like it quite a lot. Spain is truly a great place to ride motorcycle! Either shorter spins just outside, or going away for a weekend two-up. The Pyrenees and France aren't far away. Northern Spain or down to the Ebro Delta are luring too. Even longer trips up to the far north are not excluded. Europe is very interesting with all its diversity.

On rainy days, I work with web development. The motorcycle tours are a welcome excuse to get away from the computer and get some wind in the face :)

(Pictured: Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport)

Me, we ...?

Yes, allow me some plural freedom (at least I'm not writing in third person ...)! Occasionally, I call on friends to ride with or for me, to help out. The plan is to expand the operation slowly, bit by bit, and assign more riders over time. All nice chaps. More pilots, more bikes! What's not to like? Let's see. Stay tuned.

What this is not: We are not a regular rent-a-motorcycle operation. We are not organising the big adventure-package guided group tour either. There are other and better-equipped providers for this.