We take a short spin uphill past Tibidabo to the foot of Collserola, and find a spot to view the sunset over the city. See the evening peacefully set on most of Barcelona and Montjuic, and the streetlights flicker. The road is nice and curvy and offers interesting riding.

THEN: We extend the evening a bit, and continue the tour. We can either take some nice twisting backroads behind the hills and follow the sunset a bit, OR do a little crosstown driving, up on Montjuic and enjoy the grand views over Barcelona and the port. Kodak moments guaranteed. You can choose as you go. When you are ready, we can scoot downtown and enjoy a drink in one of the many cool bars, before I drop you off.

  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours
  • Price: 89€

Great views. Bring camera!

When is it sunset?

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Sunset in Barcelona