We take a short spin uphill to Tibidabo and/or to the foot of Collserola, and find a spot to view the sun setting behind the hills. As the evening peacefully sets over Barcelona and Montjuic, we can view the traffic in the streets and the lights turn on. The road is nice and curvy and offers interesting riding. We continue the tour through Vallvidrera (OPTION: The Slightly Longer Sunset Tour), the little village next to Collserola, and down the curvy mountain road past another viewpoint popular with the locals. All-in-all: a mellow little bikeride to start the evening. Great views to landmarks such as Montjuic, Hotel Vela, Torres de Sant Adrià (the 3 chimneys) and many other.

  • Duration: Approx. 1,15 hours
  • Price: 69€

Great views. Bring camera!

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