A proper roadtrip

How does 2-3 days of a great road trip and freedom in Aragón and Catalunya sound to you?

Motorcycle Detours: Mountains and valleys
Motorcycle Detours: Aragón tour

Endless country roads, hills, wine fields, beautiful valleys and mountains for miles ... Sounds good? It is admittedly a bit more of a hard-core tour. Over the course of 2-3 days we will ride 700 to 1000km. It is many hours in the saddle, so it's not for the faint of hearts. And whether you think you can share such a small space, as this saddle, with a pilot whom you don't know, is an open question. We will certainly get to know each other a lot more on a tour like this. But before you run away, let me tell you what we could do and what you can expect. Let me also tell you that I have done many journeys like this with a passenger. The only difference was that the passenger was no stranger, as I am sure you won't be after such a trip, either.

Motorcycle Detours: Congost de Mont-rebei

This tour is flexible, as is often the nature of roadtrips. We can have a perfect plan, but then decide to change our minds on a whim, and do something else. We can for instance change the plan from 2 to 3 days on the go, if you decide you want to see more of an area, or change the route, or just extend the tour with even more kilomtres of curvy hills and twisty road.

Here's a likely itinerary:

Day 1) Take off from Barcelona mid-morning around 9.30ish. First part of journey will take us nearly due west out of town and get us going on the motorway for an hour and a half. This gives you time to get into the rythm of sitting on a motorcycle, before we get to more exiting parts. We break off from the motorway, and will continue another hour through primarily farmland and small villages in a more north-westerly direction. While the first part is not postcard beauty, it does offer some rather nice views, and it's interesting to note how the topography and landscape changes as we ride. Along the way, we'll stop at coffee-stops or gas-stations at our convenience. After about 175km, we start to head more north in direction of the Pyrenees. They will soon be visible in the distance. The last 110km or so, will be a joyride, and take us to a little 'secret' mountain village right smack in the middle of the Somontano wine district, where we will make a stop for the night. All in all a tour of some 300km, which is enough for a day. We could make the tour shorter, but this is not what this is about, right?

Motorcycle Detours: Ecostean

If you are up for a bit more riding, we could visit a neighbouring village and have a tour at an olive oil mill, which produces the finest organic olive oil, you have ever tasted. They have done so since 1931. If that doesn't tempt you, there is also a possibility to take a walk on the hills behind the village before evening. It takes about 2 hours for a young healthy human.

Motorcycle Detours: Hotel La Sal

In the little mountain village which is only populated by one person all year round, is a small hotel. It's only open in the season and the holidays during winter. It's an old masía (traditional stone house), which has been carefully restored over the years, and now has 6 double-rooms and a small restaurant. The owners are friends of mine. The views are breathtaking, and silence is almost deafening. Located right at the edge of a natural park, there's simply no traffic, or anything else going on. The wildlife is everywhere, and there's a good chance to spot eagles and other predator birds circling the sky.

Motorcycle Detours: La Sal view

Day 2 will start easy with some breakfast on the terrace with views over the rest of Spain, whilst we discuss the route of the day and check our maps. We pack up and aim to leave at 10ish. Now, here are two ways this day can go: A) If it is a 2-day tour, we make a route, that takes us to Barcelona in the late afternoon. B) If a 3-day tour, we will spend all day in the saddle, staying mainly in or near the Pyrenees. Possible stops for the night could be near Andorra, Puigcerda or Seu d'Urgell. We can play it by ear. This would allow for a rather spectacular tour back to Barcelona, that would take us along a very scenic route following a mountain ridge, then curving down to Ripoll, Vic, past the Montseny and finishing in Barcelona. Vic is an old historical town, and well worth a stop. Good stop for lunch too.

If you are interested in this tour, please send an email specifying your wishes, timeframe, dates and budget. I will come up with a proposal and a quote. It will be a ballpark figure, as some costs such as hotels varies over the season.