The tour operator

The Tour operator is Motorcycle Detours

Own motorcycle

You can bring your own motorcycle or rent one. This doesn't affect the rates, that shall remain the same.

Price of tour include

For backseat passenger: Gasoline, road taxes and fees, the guide
For own bike tour: the guide

Price of tour does not include 

Accommodation or food/drinks, unless stated specifically.

Reservations and deposits

For certain tours (it is mentioned in the tour description of the specific tour, if so), a booking deposit is required at the time of booking. The deposit is 50% of the agreed tour price (€) per person. This deposit secures a space on the tour.

The balance is due 10 days before the start of the tour. Failing to pay the balance in time, the tour is cancelled, and the deposit will not be refunded.

Cancellation and refunds

The tour is not interrupted due to a riding inability of the passenger or for any other reason. During the tour, Motorcycle Detours is not obliged to compensate in case of a damaged motorcycle.

Tour cancellation

When the tour cannot be started or has to be interrupted or ended for reasons outside of the control of Motorcycle Detours or its contractors or customers as well as in a case of force majeure such as riots, floods, earthquakes, strikes, etc. the contract becomes invalid.

Non-observance of traffic laws or Motorcycle Detours regulations

If the customer does not comply with traffic laws or the requirements for group travel, the contract may be cancelled by Motorcycle Detours.

Passport, Visa, driving and health regulations

The customer is responsible for complying with regulations and all consequences resulting from non-compliance. The customer must be in possession of a valid passport and visa if necessary, International Driver’s License (if riding own bike), and proper health insurance for the duration of their tour.

Motorcycle Detours is responsible for providing the services in the tour description according to the local standard and the accurate description of services offered in its literature. Motorcycle Detours carefully selects hotels and restaurants but is not responsible for the service provided. Motorcycle Detours is responsible for conscientious travel preparations. Motorcycle Detours is not responsible or liable for any accidents. Motorcycle Detours reserves the right, without prior notice, to withdraw any part or all of a tour, to make such changes as may be necessary and the extra cost, if applicable, resulting therefrom, shall be paid by the customer.

Furthermore, it is agreed and understood that Motorcycle Detours are not the guardians of any customer’s safety and they, individually or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the operation or the client’s participation in connection with the tour, which might result in injury, death, or other damage to the client, his property, or his family, heirs, or assigns.
Motorcycle Detours is not responsible or liable for a delay occurring from the manufacturer's failure to deliver the motorcycles on time. Motorcycle Detours is not responsible for lost or stolen items from our rental locations or support vehicles. The liability of Motorcycle Detours as the tour-operator is limited to a total of three times the tour price irrespective of the title/claim. Motorcycle Detours is not responsible for any delays, changes, in schedule or other conditions.

Alterations to tour schedule
Tours operate on a seasonal basis and where seasonal variances and/or weather condition causes changes in the tour routeing and accommodations, the itinerary will be adjusted accordingly and alternate hotels, restaurants and roads will be used.

Photo & video material
Photos and videos produced by Motorcycle Detours on tour are the property of Motorcycle Detours. The copyrights are held by Motorcycle Detours. Motorcycle Detours is entitled to use all such material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images in which individual tour members can be recognised, without the tour member being entitled to make any claim against Motorcycle Detours for this use of material.

Motorcycle Detours recommends that you take out adequate travel, health and accident insurance as well as trip cancellation insurance.

Verbal changes
of the contract are invalid unless confirmed by Motorcycle Detours in writing.

Printing errors
Motorcycle Detours reserves the right to correct printing errors and calculation mistakes at any time.

Last updated: April 2020